Thursday, November 26, 2009

prom/grad dance dress

ok so last year was prom and i refused to go to my local mall/bridal shop to get a dress ... so my mom made this one .... and it was perfect .... basically the only good thing about prom ... prom cost about 1000 ... i hated my hair ... me and my boyfriend has just broke up 2 weeks before but i was lucky for the backup date lol but anyway no limo couldnt decide where to eat because everywhere was full and we were sooo late ... they played white jump around music and after i just went to sleep = blah :/ i would have been better of spending 100 on a bad dress and going to a regular party

this is me! in the actual dress :)

the pattern


I have had an interesting experience with my hair since when i was around 5 getting my first perm. i had natural hair down my back, braids, medium length, slight color, and most recently weave and currently a short haircut.

I previously had such a negative opinion on weave wearers. But now i love weave. I Think its great... when its kept up of course.

when i took my weave out .... i stayed in the house and when my mom recently forced me to take it out for good i cried and cried in the chair because i loved my long hair ... i now have a short haircut and im thinking about getting it faded in the back ... like monica's ... omg i gotta add ... she is BEAUTIFUL ... glad she is doing well ... but her show is boring lol ... she has such a beautiful family ... good luck monica :)

But i feel like most people (men especially) have these negative opinions on weave ... like they are fake and make the person fake and all this foolishness.
this is like a little outdated
Chris Rock recently did a documentry to bascially educate about the black females expereince with their hair.
Im wondering what other opinions are ?

like wendy williams ... she is ridiculously obnoxious and ignorant may i add
her wigs are so .... soooo... just ugghh gross

but one of the best weaves i have seen recently is deff Toya ... from tiny and toya .... that show should be titled something like .. the life and times of former hoodrats lol ... tiny should be added to my yuck list asap! lol but anyway Toya's hair is always beautiful

and this is officially the worst weave/wig/hat or whatever in history :/ yuck

but too my point ... weaves are an enhancement of beauty.... rock it down too your butt if it looks good.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long Legs dont care :)

Ok so i recently (in the last year or 2) have become more comfortable with my height ... i used to feel like i was always towering over everyone else .. but now i am seeing how beautiful i really am ... i now LOVE wearing heels and walking like im strutting down a Victoria s Secret Runway ... Even in 4 inch heels (makes me 6'2)

i feel sexy, pretty, and gorgeously tall :)

Look at those legs lol

other who are 5'10:

the super beautiful Michelle Obama!!

and none other than Ms. Tyra Banks !

My 2 thumbs up list ;)

These are things that have my interest as of now :)
Enjoy !

LOLA "lola love"MONROE
Look up Boss Bitches World on :)
Lately Female rappers are coming up and being more mainstream and Lola is a former video girl but i cant help but like her lol ... all this tough sound coming from such a tiny pretty girl lol ... she is from dc but is really ethiopian or something like that...I Know cool right haha :)

well Ms. Monroe is currently my fave.... i WAS a Nicki Minaj Fan ... but her rapping style is a bit bizzar if you get what im saying.... i always have been a Trina fan ... and thumbs up to her because she is STILL doing her thing so many years later! :)

Wiz Khalifa / Travis Barker / Tattoos in gerneral

Omg ok so wiz khalifa is deff the hottest thing out right now...drake is still fine with me but he is kinda getting old ... i have a short attention span when it comes to music ... but anyway wiz isnt even that cute but its something about them tatts that drive me CRAZY !!!! even travis barker the skinny white boy has captured my heart lol ... its those tatts lol :) :)

oh yeah check out his new cd ... deal or no deal ... thumbs up

studio lovin = Fav Song ever :)

This is my tribute to sexiness lol .... i have a variety of different taste lol ... i like to mix it up a bit :)

Matt Damon ... ohhh wee .... white sexxiness :)

Now this explains itself ! this is just toooooo much for me.... Reggie Bush is a Greek God that has come down to earth to live in my dreams lol

Now this is the guy from antwone fisher and some other movies and he is tv now ... but he is like my deffinition of handsome .... he isnt fine or sexy ... but handsome ... this is what i want my husband to look like ... :)

Now Trey Songz is like the sex symbol of of generation .... epitome of sexxy .... and his mixtape ...ANTICIPATION a MUST hear !!!!

scrachin me up and you belong to me = Fav Song !!!

~Thats it for now ...hope you enjoyed~
~*~ Peace & Love ~*~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My yuck list as of 9/24/09

this is a list of things that i hate/dislike/are repulsed by ...
hope i dont offend anyone hehehe :)

Air Brushed Anything!!

this just scream PWT !!! (poor white trash) or ghetto ghetto hoodness lol
i hate the R.I.P shirts and hoodies i see with an ironed on picture and airbrushing on it
its so tired and ignorant !!!!!!


this is sick ! ladies thongs were invented for a reason ... it looks tacky ... fix it !!!!!


ok first let me say ... i love uggs! ... they are the greatest most comfy shoe ever...
many cant understand the obbsession ...
but its like if you like them you love them and if you dont like them then you hate them
kinda like jordans for guys they pay hundreds of dollars for shoes that are not half as great as uggs :)

but too my point !....FAKE UGGS!!!
they just annoy me ... and they look all ran over like your walking on the sides = gross tacky and just yuck :/

do you ever see someone with boots that look like uggs from the front then you look over your shoulder
to see if they are real lol
just wondering if its just me lol

ughhhh i think this will be the death of me ...
idk how much longer i can take of this hell i call high school
UGHH fml :/

my sen10r shirt is cute though isnt it :) :)
im pretty creative


peace and love :)

New at this

Hi world! ...Im Jasmine ! Im pretty much fabulous :)

Im very new at this and i hope to have a great blog that lots and lots and lots of ppl look at :) lol

so fallow me and ill fallow you ... and leave comments
yeah comments are great