Thursday, November 26, 2009

prom/grad dance dress

ok so last year was prom and i refused to go to my local mall/bridal shop to get a dress ... so my mom made this one .... and it was perfect .... basically the only good thing about prom ... prom cost about 1000 ... i hated my hair ... me and my boyfriend has just broke up 2 weeks before but i was lucky for the backup date lol but anyway no limo couldnt decide where to eat because everywhere was full and we were sooo late ... they played white jump around music and after i just went to sleep = blah :/ i would have been better of spending 100 on a bad dress and going to a regular party

this is me! in the actual dress :)

the pattern


  1. wow she did a graet job on it!
    i love it,
    i also recommend to shop for dresses they have the hottest things on their its my fave site,
    i love your blog btw!

  2. thanks :)
    that site just made me change my whole idea on the dress lol ... im going to update this post with my new fav dresses from asos

  3. I had the same boyfriend drama, same hair problem, custom made dress, limo couldnt find my house, called a cab, cab got lost, missed the prom because it was cruise....No prom for me =( ....

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